About me

Oh Heyyy! Welcome to my blog! If you’ve landed here I’m sure you’ve already browsed around a little bit and if you’re still reading maybe you want to know a little bit about me. Or maybe you don’t, either way I’m gonna go on now so either peace out or read on. 🙂

My name is Mom, mum, mooooommmm, mommmmy AKA Amanda. My friends call me Mandy. I’m a mom to 3 little people who are turning into big people WAY too quickly. It’s kind of giving me anxiety. When I’m not failing at a Pinterest project, you can usually find me at the microwave re-heating my coffee 20 times a day, buried in a laundry pile somewhere other than the laundry room or eating chocolate in a closet.

Last year I decided to quit my job to become a stay at home mom and although it was the best decision ever and I love it, like any other job it comes with its challenges. One of which is spending the entire day with a boss lady 3-year-old. So I started the The Mommy Tantrums, a place for me to share MY tantrums and triumphs. It started as a place for me and I hope it will become a place for you, too. Either just to read something relatable or to tantrum a long with me, Welcome! I hope you’ll stick around.