Top 7 Birthday Gifts for Your Teenager

Buying birthday gifts for a teenage boy or girl can be a tough challenge, whether you’re the parent, the aunt/uncle, or the grandparent. The present you give can easily fall into three categories: the “Meh”, the “I hate it!”, and the “I love it so much I’m going to take a selfie with it!” Obviously, you want your gift to belong to the third category, which is why we’ve made this list for you. Choose from one of these products to say “Happy Birthday” and get a “Hooray!” from the teen in your life.

 7 Birthday gift ideas for teenagers

1. Makeup

If your teen loves makeup, why not surprise them with a small haul of their favorite cosmetics? You won’t go wrong with a Beauty Blender as well as a collection of makeup brushes in different sizes and shapes. If you have a bigger budget, go for a Mac lipstick in your teen’s favorite shade or the Naked eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, which is a big hit among young folks.


2. Smartphone case

Your teen probably already has their own smartphone case, but why not give them a new one that stands out from the crowd? The LuMee Two Illuminated iPhone Case, for example, comes with a bright LED light that makes snapping great selfies a lot easier. (The light can also serve as a flashlight during blackouts!)


3. Earphones

Earphones are the some of the best gifts for music-loving teens who want to savor each and every note. There are lots of great earphone brands out there, but one of your best options is the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless. They connect to smartphones and other mobile devices through Bluetooth, and they can last for six hours on a single charge. They’re also water- and sweat-resistant, which means they can be used when exercising and won’t get damaged by the rain.


4. Power bank

If your teen spends a lot of time on the phone, they probably find themself with a dead battery while they’re out of the house. Prevent this issue by giving a high-quality power bank that quickly charges a mobile device from zero to full. It hits two birds with one stone: your teen will always have enough juice to stay on Snapchat and Twitter, and they will have no excuse not to answer your calls and text messages.


5. Unique camera

Does your teen love taking photos? Surprise them with a Fujifilm Instax camera or the Polaroid Pic-300 Instant Analog Camera, which immediately prints out their selfies in seconds. Adults might have taken this old-school technology for granted, but teens actually find it a novel way to take pictures. If your teenager likes to stick to digital cameras, give them a Diana Camera. It automatically applies a hazy, whitewashed filter to every photo that they take and makes their pictures Instagram-ready!


6. Boardless skateboard

Also called the Orbitwheel, this device is basically two rings with wheels, one for each foot. It doesn’t come with a motor and doesn’t need batteries, so your teen will have to propel himself forward using his own weight and energy. It does have a steep learning curve, which is what makes it attractive to people who love a challenge. Give this to an adrenaline-loving teen or one who needs to get out of the house more.


7. Air hockey table

Show your teen that video games are not the only fun things in the world. With an air hockey table, they’ll be able to sharpen their speed, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination while enjoying a fast-paced game with their friends and having a great time. You can even organize a family air hockey tournament to spend more time together and make wonderful memories with your teen and the rest of your loved ones.

Consider these top gifts to delight your teen on his /her birthday and make it a memorable day!

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