Baby Shower Etiquette


custom baby shower invitationsA baby shower, like many parties that involve a reasonable attendance, requires certain etiquettes. There are things you expect at or during your baby shower and there those that are expected of you. As an adorable mom-to-be, you may be faced with some rather unique challenges on ‘the day’ that can either drive you or your guests’ crazy, so it is important to be well-prepared. The following are a few things to consider while planning a baby shower.


 1. Invitations

Always confirm and consult with the guest before finalizing the guest list. This is important because you will not accidentally leave someone out, invite a no-show guest, or if you are planning a baby shower for a friend, you need to confirm with them so that you don’t necessarily invite someone they would rather not have at the party. Make sure that everyone gets a safari baby shower invitation and confirm attendance.


2. Gifts

While gifting at a baby shower is a norm, this often a sore subject of discussion because you don’t necessarily want your guest to feel that you are picky or demanding. So to avoid awkward gift duplication, you can either be specific and ask your guests for gift vouchers or have a gift registry list for your guests where they can pick out what they are comfortable with getting your baby.

But don’t be a ‘pushy’ guest of honor. Remember that how much a guest spends on a gift should have more to do with your relationship with them. In a more traditional setting, the family of the mother-to-be takes on the most personal and expensive gift items like cribs.


  1. Baby showers for moms and dads to be

It is tradition to have a women only baby shower, but nowadays, showers for both parents known as “coed baby showers” have become very popular. Just simply choose a theme that the dad-to-be and his friends will enjoy, make the invitations guy-friendly, go easy on the pink and lilac decorations and have enough food (barbecue) and drinks to go around. Allow the father-to-be to get involved as much as possible and to be a part of every aspect of our pregnancy.

Another thing to consider when hosting a coed baby shower, is to give your guest the option of bringing a gift for the dad-to-be, which can be as fun and creative such as a diaper-changing kit that includes a clothespin for his nose, rubber gloves, and goggles.


  1. Food

Parents-to-be are under no obligation to break the bank and go over the top with a five course meal at a baby shower. This is unless money isn’t an issue. It is however very important to make sure that the guests do not go home with rumbling stomachs and a lot to say about the ‘party.’ It’s enough to serve a few finger foods and drinks so as to make it a party where the guests can hang out and celebrate the anticipated birth of your child.

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