Formula Cans Turned Flower Pots

Let me start by saying, this is one of my favorite projects I have done with my kids so far. If you’re looking for a cute, budget friendly (thanks kids!) way to spruce up your yard, look no further! These formula cans turned flower pots are a really cool, fun project for both adults and kids.

What you need:

Empty cans of your choice (coffee, formula)
Paint brushes

formula cans To begin this project you’ll need to have some empty cans lying around. I used Formula cans (Yup, I formula fed, don’t hate) that I had been saving for a super cool project like this one. But you can use any kind of can you have or prefer. (If doing this project with kids, or even by yourself, please be mindful of the can you choose to work with it and make sure it has no sharp edges) If you’re a coffee worshiper like I am, I’m sure you can empty out a few cans in no time and BAM, you’ll be ready to take on this tantrum free project with your kiddos AND be caffeinated. Win!

Take the paper labels off the cans and give them a quick wash to get any paper/glue residue off.
You must be pro at getting stickers off shit by now (hashtag momlife) Once that’s done drill a few holes at the bottom of each can for drainage

Annd that’s about all you have to do. Now sit back and let your little people work their creative magic. No fancy paint required. We used Acrylic paint from the dollar store. Is that what you’re supposed to use if you’re keeping them outside? Who knows, I’m no paint specialist but it worked fine for us. You might want to take them down in winter if you have a winter but we’re lazy and left them up and they still look pretty cool.

formula cans Once the little Picasso’s are done, let those beauties dry. Shouldn’t take very long at all and once they are dry you’re all ready to add soil and flowers of your choice.

We had an old telephone pole in our backyard that we decided to decorate. You can really put these anywhere, trees, on your fence, deck or balcony or even just inside on your windowsill. My kids loved this project, from painting the cans to picking out their flowers and planting them, they were very proud, and so was I.
formula cans

Have any fun, easy summer projects to do with the kids? Let me know about them in the comments!


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