Chalkboard Table For Kids

chalkboard table

We all know that kids love to draw & color, usually on anything BUT the twenty thousand loose papers flying around the house. Trust me, my nine+ years of experience frantically washing those, not so Picasso like drawings off walls, furniture, appliances, floors (you get the idea) don’t lie.
So, when I looked over at my kids little old table sitting in the corner, that had been drawn all over and beat up, I had the idea to make it brand new again by turning it into a chalkboard table! BRILLIANT! Right!? I think so too. I’m sure it’s been done a million times before, so I’m not taking credit for anything (calm down chalkboard table inventor 😉 But I will walk you through how I did it below if you’re interested.

NOTE: I did this before I had any idea I would be sharing with other mama’s, so dont have many pictures of the process but tried to add as many photos as I could to help!

What you will need:

• Sander
• Paint roller
• Can of chalkboard paint (I used Rust-oleum 30 Oz flat black chalkboard paint)
• Paint brush
• Paint color of your choice to paint table legs (if you would like to paint the legs a different color)
And of course, some chalk for when you’re done, to keep the little people distracted for 2.5 minutes while you try to shower.

The table I started with was a bright, paint chipped orange, so I started by sanding all the paint off the entire table, even the legs since I knew I wanted to change up the color and paint them.

chalkboard paint

Once I sanded all the paint off, I started rolling the chalk board paint on the table top. Make sure you have a smooth roller. (You can also use a paint brush if you want to) and also make sure (if you were sanding) to wipe the table clean before painting.

This will take quite a few coats, and may look streaky and ugly at first. Don’t panic! Let the paint dry between coats for best results. ( I gave it about 20 mins between coats)  I did about 6 coats before I was satisfied with the finish.

chalkboard paint

While I was in between coats of the chalkboard paint, I began painting the legs of the table. I chose a light chalk paint, coincidence? Not really, ( LOL Its what I had on hand) Chalk paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. I know, I’m confusing myself as I write this. Chalk paint is usually used to give a chalky finish. It’s often used to give an aged appearance and is easily distressed.

You’re almost there!
Once you’re done all the coats on the table top and it has fully dried, take the side of a chalk peice and rub it all over the table and then erase with a soft chalkboard eraser. This is called priming and will protect your painted chalkboard from being marred by that first Picasso drawing your little ones attempt on it. Make sure you follow this step, or you will always see that first drawing ghosting in the background whenever you erase something.

chalkboard paint

And VOILA! You’re little humans now have a table meant to draw on!

Chalkboard table for kids

A little warning, the chalk dust will be a little messy, I learned this the hard way! So my advice would be to have the table on a surface that is easy to clean.
To clean, I wipe down with a damp cloth and make sure it is completely dry before using again!

So there you go, my friends. Hopefully your kids will love it as much as mine do!
Have fun! 🙂

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