Why I Let My Kid Play Video Games


We parents hear it all the time, too much screen time is no good, don’t let them play too many video games, don’t let them watch more than 30 minutes of tv a day, blah blah blah.
I’m kind of over it.

My 8 yr old loves video games. Like LOVESSS them. His love for these games started at a very young age. Guys, I used to stress the fuck out about this love of his. People would tell me, he shouldn’t be playing those. He should be playing with his toys or my favorite “when I was a kid we ONLY played outside” Yeah Yeah that’s great, but what if my kid doesn’t like to ONLY play outside?

I’m getting really fed up of people putting down not only my son, but today’s whole generation for playing video games or just using technology in general. The world is a different place now, it’s never gonna be like “back in your day” so you’re gonna have to get over it.

Does my kid play more than the “average” kid his age? Yes, he probably does. I don’t limit his time on it anymore. As long as his stuff is done, homework, chores, activities I let him play as much as he wants. I know, *GASP* you’re probably thinking what a horrible mother I am, but if that’s what he chooses to do with HIS free time why should I stop him?

He loves it. I’m not kidding when I say he talks so passionately about his video games.
Why should I take that away from him?
If he wanted to read all day, or write, or practice a sport would I stop him? Probably not. So why should I worry so much about his video games? You may think it’s not the same thing; Oh but he’s not being physically active or he’s not using his brain but I’ve watched him and I will argue that video games can actually stimulate learning. And don’t even tell me that they don’t have to use their brains to figure out whatever it is they have to do in those Lego games.

I used to get so stressed thinking there was something wrong with my kid because he would rather play video games then go play basketball or ride his bike but Ive come to realize I was stressing for nithing. He enjoys school, a few close friends, karate class, science and playing with his toys. He’s a normal kid who is passionate about his games and I’m ok with that.

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