I Hate Baking With My Kids but I Do It For The Memories

So we’re just about a month into 2017 and with a New Year, comes new resolutions, promises, hopes and dreams.

I don’t know about other moms, but mine usually have something to do with my mothering. Like every other year since I’ve become a mom, I want to spend more time with my kids. ( I know! We’re so hard on ourselves) This year I’m thinking memories.

I want my kids to have memories of our time together, good ones. Not memories of things, trips, or big gifts. I want them to be able to look back on their childhood and remember quality time. I want them to be able to say “I used to do that with my mom” I feel lucky to be able to say that and lucky that I get to say it often. I have lots of good memories with my mom and my favorites are the little things. One that I remember most often is making Peanut Butter cookies.

Growing up my mom would always make these, the same Betty Crocker recipe every time. She would always omit the baking powder and baking soda because she would always forget to buy it when she went grocery shopping. She would always say we didn’t need it. She would let me help every time she decided to whip up a batch of these baking powderless treats.  Probably more than she really wanted to.
I remember her letting me mix in the flour, letting me roll the dough into little balls and squish the cookies down with the fork but most of all, I remember loving every second of the time I was spending with my mom. Ok, and maybe eating the cookies too.

So the other day, I decided to make these same cookies with my little people. Now, let me tell you, I love my kids with all of me but it also takes all of me not to lose my shit when baking with them. I don’t know what it is, but baking with them just…ARG! I don’t know how my mom did it. Patience, maybe? Perhaps I was Betty Crocker 2.0. I doubt it. Maybe she was just a really good liar. I’m gonna go with that one.

As much as I want to pull my hair out when my kids are cracking egg shells into the bowl, spilling flour everywhere and fighting over who gets to squish the cookies down with the fork, I hope I’m doing a good job at lying about how much I love baking these cookies with them. I really do hope that everytime they see a peanut butter cookie, they think back and remember baking with mom. I know I will.

Maybe I’ll inspire them to bake and create memories with their own kids one day. And while they’re trying not to lose their shit because their kid just floured the kitchen, they’ll cherish these memories and become pretty good liars themselves. 😉

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