Why I lie to my kids about Santa…

lying to kids about santaI still remember the day I found out Santa wasn’t really the one putting all those gifts under the tree. My cousin broke the news to me when I was about 8 years old. I, of course got upset and thought he was lying. That night while my mom was doing the dishes I told her what he had said. I remember saying “it’s not true right” and her not saying a word. I could tell she wanted to tell me something but didn’t know how.
Then, she told me she thought I was old enough to know. And it sucked. I don’t care if I sound like a loser, I’m not even kidding when I say I was crushed. Christmas never felt the same again. The magic was gone. The excitement. I remember being angry at my mom for telling me the truth, wishing she would have lied to me a little bit longer.

Fast forward a few decades and there I was in my moms shoes. A few days ago on the drive home from school, my 8 year old asked me if Santa Claus is real. He had the same worried look on his face that I did when I asked my mom that question. When I told him Yes, of course he’s real, he asked me if I was sure. Without hesitation, I lied to my son and told him not to worry, good old Saint Nick would be stopping by our house on Christmas Eve, reindeer’s and all. When I asked why he was asking, he told me a girl in his class had told him all about how Parents pretend Santa is real and buy all the gifts themselves. His response to her was that there is no way that was true because parents can’t afford THOUSANDS of dollars worth of gifts to put under the tree. <Thousands? haha> I let him know that some people just don’t believe the same things as we do and told him not listen to her and that he should believe whatever he wants to believe. For a second, I thought maybe I should have told him the truth right there but when I looked over at his smiling face all lit up with relief, I was happy I lied to him. Telling kids about santa
I find kids today are being thrown into a world where they have to grow up so fast, be mature and realistic instead of just being kids and enjoying their childhood. So to the parents who wonder why I lie to my kids, I do it because they will never get another childhood. They will never get another chance to believe in this magical time like they do now. They’re making memories together. They’re little for such a short time, I’m gonna let them be little. Before I know it, they will be grown up… and I hope they they lie to their kids just like I lied to them.


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